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I’m wondering just how many individuals have considered, am I depressed, I’m sure I have lots of times during my life. I know some others have and also since you are here I suppose you might be wondering this at this very moment. The answer for me was, yes I am. There were indications of my depression, for instance, not enough energy, fear, stress, anxiety, straightforward task seem difficult, insomnia or maybe excessive slumber, no motivation, and so forth.

The next question was what can I do? That is definitely a challenging question because typically when we are depressed we have no motivation. It can often be like life itself has been taken from us. The energy plus the motivation to discover an answer has disappeared.

Your mind could possibly be swimming in questions if you have anything at all remaining. Where is my motivation to live life, where’s the energy I once possessed? Why is life so difficult to live? Am I depressed? My husband doesn’t know what I’m going through. He feels I need to break out of it, simply continue on with life. My mom tells me to think positive and every thing is going to be OK. My aunt tells me to listen to peaceful music and to take very long walks. I recognize there has to be a much better answer. I do not want to merely manage or even figure out how to cope with depression.

There’s a far better answer. First you might consult a medical doctor to be certain it’s not a medical problem. Many times depression arises from the events associated with life. If you believe God created the world and He designed you, I’m not speaking with regards to reading a couple of Bible verses or saying a prayer, although those are very important, I have a different place for you to start if you really believe in God.

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