Beats in The Brain

Binaural beats, also known as binaural tones, are perceived sounds that occur in the brain for certain physical stimuli. These acoustic processing artefacts have been known to have a positive effect on people, as it can help improve people’s inventiveness, relaxation and all other healthful mental conditions. It functions by triggering the responses of the brain at a specific level, and then training the mind to do anything that may be challenging to do all by itself.

This type of brain entertainment is scientifically developed to rouse a preferred response at a frequency that mere humans cannot hear. The brain makes the binaural sound based on the tones that are provided by different sound hertz hear from the left and right ear, allowing it to turn the hertz into beats. As a result, it can have a relaxing effect on the mind, or help improve its alertness, depending on the sound hertz.

Discovered in the late 1800s, it was not, however, until the late 20th century that it gained recognition throughout the world with the help of an associate professor from the University of Berlin named Heinrich Wilhelm Dove. Accidentally, he discovered that two similar sounds with a slightly varied frequency can result to a beat or rhythm type effect in the brain, when it is being processed to the left ear and the right ear.

But it was only in 1973 that Dr. Gerald Oster found out about the benefits of the beats for the brain and body.

Binaural beats lets one be capable of entering into a deep state of meditation so it can let the technology reprogram one’s subconscious mind.

Their recordings at particular frequencies make use of a combination of sounds so as to change the listener’s activity in the brain. By making one go into a state of meditation, the binaural beats will have the potential to induce positive changes in a person’s mental, emotional and physical well-being.

They can likewise able to redistribute one’s neural network and increase the level of comfort to relieve him from stress.

The said meditation is basically a hypnagogic trances, wherein it usually requires a whole lifetime for a person to perfect it. The alterations in the patterns of the brainwave are then translated to changes in the body’s chemical reaction. This works together with the positive affirmation to help make one’s emotional issues, personal development, phobias as well as other preferred behavioural chances improve. They too have the capability to promote a good increase in energy, much like those taken in when the body is at rest.

To sum it all up, the main advantage of binaural beats is that they can get access to one’s subconscious mind, thereby creating deep meditation states to change one’s perception to further rid him of stress and improve his intelligence. One can achieve such changes with little or no effort at all; just put on a pair of headphones and start listening to those beats.

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