Body Building And Self Confidence Explained In Brief

When I was growing up I was a person that had a rather low self esteem and lack of confidence. I felt weak and I felt less of a person that that of my friends and family. I was desperate to be liked and respected, probably too desperate in fact. When reaching the age of twenty-one I decided that enough was enough and that I needed to do something about my severe lack of confidence – that is when I discovered body building.

I am unsure as to all of the reasons as to why I had such a low level of confidence. It was no doubt partly due to a stuttering speech impediment that had severely impacted my life since I was a young boy and I was also one of the smallest people in my class at school which did not help for obvious reasons.

As a teenager I began to comfort eat in an attempt to give me some form of happiness. This was something that would be a pleasure for the few minutes that it took me to eat the food however in the longer term would cause me even more stress due to the fact that I became quite obese.

As I have previously stated at the age of twenty-one I decided to fight back. There was only one person that could improve the way that I was living my life and that was me. I was quite fortunate to meet a man called Dave – he worked for the same company that I did. Dave had a real passion for body building and I decided that I would give it a go. As many of you will know steriods is a rather big thing in this field and Dave was very careful to explain all about the steroids before and after effects.

I must admit I do use steriods from time to time but nowhere near as much as some of the people that body build.

The body building has changed my life and I am now a much more confident person.

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