Business Secrets: Be ready to Walk Away

This is an excerpt out of the recently released eBook 96 Ways to Get Rich by Jim McNab, available at Amazon.

Individuals wish to please others – it’s a part of man’s instinct. Consequently many people will foolishly waste cash and then make foolish sacrifices in the name of making some particular person happy in which they’ll never see again. That’s rather foolish and it’s also extremely terrible business.

Don’t become another victim of this all too typical trap. The top arbitrators will never be frightened just to walk away from any agreement, no matter how much work or capital other individuals have poured into the agreement. Sure the other side will likely be mad and feel upset, but hey – business is business. Nothing personal – this is just business.

When the offer makes you concerned – if you aren’t persuaded that the entire thing is “right” – move on and don’t keep worrying about others feelings. If you want, apologize to the harmed participants. They’ll recover from this. Don’t cave in to the pressure produced by individuals that might be trying to push you into making a pricey error in judgment.

In the event that you’re involved in a negotiation that’s becoming too stressed – try getting up and heading for the door. You could be astounded by what occurs next. Your opposition may well sweeten the offer substantially – just to get you back to the table.

This occurred to me once and I instantaneously determined what was actually happening. I shoved the agreement back over the table unsigned and pushed my chair back as I said “I’m sorry but we’re wasting one another’s time here. These conditions are completely unsatisfactory for me. Have a very good day!”

I’ll always remember the look of alarm on their faces. Not only were the particular stipulations I disliked withdrawn, I managed to get them to change several others because they were, under the new circumstance, far more enthusiastic than previously to seal the offer. This kind of move doesn’t actually anger the competitors. Far from it, they’ll rather promptly recognize that you can’t end up being pushed around and will eventually alter the deal in acknowledgement of this fact. They’ll respect you much more – not less. Or they’ll leave themselves. Both ways you win.

I was in an auto dealership finalizing the purchase of a new car. The salesperson requested my social security number so he could run a credit check and get a loan approval. As he moved towards the door he stated “I hope your credit is great, because if it isn’t the payments will need to be increased”.

I promptly replied “If my credit isn’t acceptable let me know immediately so we can stop wasting each other’s time and I can get out of here”! He was trying to set me up for a sucker punch. He intended to come back with the bad news that my credit wasn’t sufficient so I’d need to pay larger payments. But I stripped him of the option by definitely articulating my willingness merely to walk away in case the offer wasn’t precisely what I liked. He returned with the great news that not only was my credit sufficiently good, but he just discovered that he could easily get me a zero percent auto loan! Gee, I’m so blessed.

On the other side of the coin, with the proper conditions you will probably be able to utilize this exact same fault in human nature to your benefit. If you make it crystal clear that your job is at risk in the event you don’t land this deal, (whether or not that’s correct) many people may feel pressured to commit merely to satisfy you. When this occurs you will get the upper hand.

Jim McNab
For longer than Twenty years I worked for several government intelligence agencies in several areas worldwide. I’ve additionally performed commercial intelligence operations for some of the largest computer companies. Almost all of the secrets I expose in my books like 96 Ways to Get Rich (available on Amazon) have never been exposed to the general public before. As opposed to other “secret” books, my data is reputable insider knowledge. I really hope my insider secrets make a difference in your life.

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