Have You Actually Thought About What Your Reason Of Life Is?

Practically everyone in the world eventually asks this question. But only a handful of people actually find their answer to their purpose of life and live it. The question is which group will you belong to?

1. The group that asks and forgets?
2. Or the few who discover their purpose and choose to live it?

The one very big reason why so many people are lost in lives of quiet desperation is their attachment to all they have achieved. They find it hard to detach themselves from their material possessions, status and other items they have worked so hard to achieve in their life. Yet even in all their accomplishments, they can’t find the inner joy they seek.

With their inability to give up their current lifestyle, many people get stuck in a psychological and emotional limbo. They want to find that spark in their hearts and soul again. And yet they are too attached to what they have physically accumulated in their lives.

Satisfaction that comes from achieving more material possessions fades away in the dark of the night. In the moments of their quiet, the gnawing hunger of their soul for true nourishment eats away at them, causing sadness and despair. Far too many get caught in between temporary satisfaction and timeless satisfaction for their soul

They are lost between the conditioning of society and the timeless need of their souls for living a life of purpose.

However, many fail to realize that the moment you live a meaningful and purposeful life, the rest of the things around you become secondary. You find joy not in the material stuff you have anymore, although they remain vital to functioning in society. Your joy flows from a sense of inner satisfaction and the river of life.

When you live your soul purpose, you begin to become happier and enjoy a lighter spirit. These are the moments when you realize that you truly are a soul having a human experience and not a physical being having a spiritual experience.

On the contrary, a life of purpose doesn’t mean you don’t need material possessions. Did you believe otherwise?

Our bodies still need food, shelter and clothing. Without the money to purchase them, how will you live out your purpose in life? What you need to do is bring your life purpose into alignment with the creation of value for others. When you can do this, you can continue to bring in the money you need to sustain yourself and your family.

Is your purpose in life to go to a job you detest? Is the reason for your existence to be a cog in the wheel of modern business and corporations? Is your meaning in life found in dragging yourself to a place where your soul dies a little each day?

Or is your purpose to allow the freedom of creative expression to flow from your soul? To bring joy into your life and the life of your loved ones? To create the moments where your soul dances and your feet tap along?

Are you alive? Or are you merely living?

What then, is your real purpose of life?

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