How Could Hypnotherapy Deal With a Virus of the Mind?

Everyone understands computers might get a virus that will cause them to cease performing like they should. As individuals, our minds may be contaminated with viruses. A virus of the mind causes us to stop performing like we should.

Many of these viruses we call phobic disorders. Some people fear flying, to which we provide the name aviatophobia. Some individuals fear making decisions which we call decidophobia. And, a number of people are afflicted by claustrophobia, the fear of confined areas. These and quite a few similar fears can come about as a result of some episode in our past or from constant contact with someone else with this sort of a fear.

Apart from phobias, many people have associations that help bring about unsuitable or destructive behavior. One well-known association stands out as the association of love with eating. A long time ago Pavlov experimented with dogs. He rang a bell just before feeding the dogs. The hungry dogs started to produce saliva as soon as they saw the food. Pretty soon only ringing the bell was necessary to cause the dogs to salivate.

So it is with food and the love of our mother. When we were a little child our mother would embrace us and offer us some freshly baked chocolate cookies that tasted utterly wonderful. When mother prepared a big meal we demonstrated love toward our mother by eating just as much as we could. So we started to associate love with food. Many years later we still retain that association. And, it triggers way to many of us to eat significantly more than we need.

There are plenty of viruses of the mind which include self-blame for situations we really didn’t bring about. We experience anxiety and panic at times when you cannot find any real cause for fear or panic. We can be concerned about things that keep us from getting to sleep or being able to concentrate on the job. These problems develop from a way of thinking, a virus of the mind, which makes us present detrimental behaviors.

As early as the 1950s the British and United States health care professions have recognized hypnosis as being a valid way of intervening to help produce mental and physiological changes. From that point on the effectiveness of hypnotherapy has been analyzed and proven in many different circumstances.

Hypnotherapy has been used widely with many different people. It functions well in smoking cessation and significantly boosts the quit rate for pretty much any technique for quitting. Hypnosis in weight loss also shows substantial improvements in weight lost in both the short term and long term.

Hypnosis In Weight Loss, for example, may be used to suggest that you consume food less quickly. This should allow some food to pass from the stomach to help produce the “I’m full” signal before you consume too much. By doing this you do not stuff yourself before you’ll lose your hunger.

Under hypnosis you are able to reduce or even eliminate pain during an operation. You most likely realize that many dentists use hypnosis so patients can have fillings or other procedures without pain. Some hospitals offer you hypnosis instead of typical anesthesia and patients need much less time to recover.

Hypnotherapy succeeds so well mainly because the person in a state of hypnosis exhibits focused attention on the visualizations proposed by the hypnotherapist. The visualizations or suggestions have significantly more impact than saying the identical words in a normal state of awareness. Because of the efficiency of hypnotic suggestions, the virus thoughts of the mind are frequently minimized or eventually eliminated so that you can begin acting in a more healthy and balanced manner.

You should think about hypnosis as a good tool to assist you to overcome virus thoughts that affect you and stop you from performing in an ideal fashion. Today might be a good day to explore hypnosis.

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