How Should I Act When I See My Ex?

As much as you hate the idea you have admitted to yourself that your relationship is really over for good.. But that doesn’t change the fact that every time you cross paths with your ex it feels like a quiver full of arrows has been shot right through your heart.

You want to be cool, calm, and collected but you feel anything but those things. You keep asking yourself: ‘How should I act when I see my ex?’ but no answers are coming. What should you do and how should you react when you cross paths with your ex?

It’s hard running in to someone that still has an emotional impact on your life. It’s even harder when you know that your emotional impact on her life is growing weaker by the day. You may even feel a certain sense of panic. But the best thing for you to do in this situation is STAY CALM!

Here are a few other quick rules for encountering your ex.

1) Be cordial. Even though you’re no longer dating there is no reason for you to be antagonistic towards your ex – especially not if you do still have feelings for your ex. Be polite. Be kind.

2) Be confident. There is nothing that is more attractive in a person than self-confidence. Don’t shrivel up and pretend to become part of the background. While you don’t want to appear arrogant or condescending in any way at all, you also don’t want to seem like you’re trying to run away either.

3) Be brief. Use the KISS philosophy if you need to. Keep it short schweedheardt. Prolonging the encounter can turn it into something awkward when it doesn’t have to be or can leave you reaching for things to say – some things that perhaps shouldn’t be said just yet. Keep it long enough to appear that you aren’t running away but short enough that it doesn’t become uncomfortable.

Chances are that you’re entertaining thoughts of and looking for ways to get your ex back. It’s not a bad idea really if you do still love your ex. When you bump into your ex is not the time to explore that particular option unless your ex gives you a perfect opening.

Instead, you need to come up with an effective plan of action, preferably something that has a track record for success with other couples, and execute it at the perfect moment.

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