Learn How To Win The Lottery From A Man Who Won It 5 Times

A lot of people would want a lottery win but to them there’s just as much chance of winning the lottery as there is of dating a popular Hollywood star – it just seems too unattainable. They dream of a big win and calculate the little and large adjustments that they would make in their lifestyles using their new found wealth. However, they hardly ever act on their ambitions. One mathematics professor from Oklahoma dreamed big but in contrast to most people he acted on it. Five lottery wins later, and a bullet in the leg (more about that later), he is now planning to share his top secret formula with a small group of people!

In case you have not won a prize in the lottery yet, it’s undoubtedly because you have approached the game incorrectly thinking winning is a matter of pure luck. You could not be more wrong. The lottery really isn’t about luck it is about probabilities!

Whenever just luck is involved in any game there is almost nothing you can do to improve your luck. However, when you play a game of probabilities there is a lot you can do to improve the likelihood that you will win!

You may not fully grasp how to manipulate mathematical equations in order to take advantage of the above mentioned fact. However, you will not be surprised that at least one gifted mathematics professor did!

There’s someone who claims to have designed a fool-proof lottery system and after five wins it’s hard to repute his claims.

Soon after Larry Blair, a mathematics professor, created his lottery system he went on to win five times. However, his wonderful discovery also meant his life was in danger!

With his new mathematical formula for playing the lottery, Larry kept winning small and medium sized prizes. But, he kept polishing the system.

You should not be surprised to learn that Larry polished his program and went on to win the lottery three times in a row – a fact that happened to be unfortunate for Larry because kidnappers soon took an interest in him!

Although just about all kidnappers immediately demand money that is not what Larry’s kidnappers wanted. They understood that anybody who won the lottery 5 times and can win it 3 times in succession had to have a system and they wanted it for themselves!

Although Larry did get away from the 2 attackers who wanted his system (and without giving it to them) he did take a bullet in the leg for his trouble.

Larry lives to share with us the tale of his adventures in winning the lottery through the use of his very own lottery software. Larry worked out how to win the lottery and is happy to reveal this secret without having to be shot in the leg for it. Larry claims his five wins on the lottery all came about because he used his lottery system.

Lots of people claim that Larry is among the luckiest men alive. In regards to his kidnap ordeal Larry tends to concur with popular opinion. Larry said that his lottery winnings were a matter of luck but then instantly added “although the more I use my lottery system the luckier I get”!

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