Self Interest – The Real Secret To Success For Getting Your Ex Back

Does the idea of getting your ex back appeal to you?? Do you know a winning plan when you see one? Well there’s one plan that can have a massively winning impact on your efforts to get back together with your ex. Want to know more? It’s all about self interest.

Self interest is the driving force behind a lot of things in this day and age. Humans are often very self interested creatures. This isn’t always the negative thing it’s portrayed to be. In fact, many of the biggest philanthropists in history who have given back amazing things to the world were largely driven by self interest. Matters of the heart (such as your interest in getting back together with your ex) are also often driven by self interest above and beyond everything else.

It makes perfect sense, with this reasoning in mind, that self interest would also be the key to winning his heart all over again.

So, how do you invoke the power of self interest into your efforts for getting your ex back?

1) Make him an offer he can’t refuse. When dealing with men you can almost always turn to the Godfather for advice. Remember ladies, ‘Leave the gun. Take the cannoli.’ But, seriously, sometimes, you have to hit him where he lives to get your point across.

2) Present the offer in a manner he’s helpless to resist. This is the critical element when appealing to his self interest. You have to do it in a way that doesn’t seem completely obvious but that also doesn’t reveal too much of what you have in mind. You want to make it seem open and inviting not like something he should be wary of. Otherwise he will be suspicious and that’s the LAST thing you want at a time like this.

3) Make the payoff worth the risk. He is taking a risk in agreeing to see you again – even though you’ve promised a surprise that has his curiosity and his self interested nature intrigued. Make sure that you give him something that makes the moment worthwhile for him. Don’t even think about putting this plan into motion until you have the perfect peace offering in hand.

The key to success, of course, is that you have a great plan of action in place before you make your first move. You need to anticipate any resistance he might have. Think of this like a chess match. You need to be three moves ahead of him if you really want to get his attention. Or. You need to watch this FREE video that will show you the first step you need to take to get back with your ex without the risk of showing your hand before every move is in place.

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