The Symbols Of Easter – How They Change World Wide

Easter is full of Easter symbols that remind us what the holiday, and the whole season, are all about. Other holidays and seasons are connected with Easter and thus have common symbols or lend their symbols to Easter these include Passover and spring.
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Here is how those other seasons and holidays contribute or are connected to Easter and Easter symbols. Passover not only shares symbolism with Easter, new life, but gives Easter it’s name in most parts of the world, taken from the Greek Pascha for Passover. According to the Gospels Jesus and the Disciples gathered for the Last Supper as a Passover Feast. Palm Sunday commemorates Jesus entry into Jerusalem and the way the people received him like a celebrity. Lent is 40 days prior to Easter, during which Christians fast in preparation for Easter.

On to the Easter symbols.

Some symbols of new life associated with Easter symbols are chicks and eggs. Back to ancient times spring was associated with eggs. Eggs are also strong symbols or representations of the tomb of Christ from which he rose. Eggs are like tombs from which the chicks emerge into life.
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Rabbits and hares were representative of new life to ancient people long before the time of Christ, as one of dozens of Easter symbols it means the same thing – life.

Some flowers are Easter symbols too, such as the white Lily which represents Jesus’ pure heart. Also lilies come out of the ground at spring just as Jesus rose from the tomb.

As Easter symbols lambs relate to Jesus being the Lamb of God.

Jesus was killed on the cross but triumphed over death, so crosses are important Easter symbols.
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Other Easter symbols include palms which people waved when Jesus entered Jerusalem just before the crucifixion.

Like Jesus’ resurrection, new hats and outfits are about new life, and are thus Easter symbols

Even holiday baking has Easter symbols, for example the crosses on hot cross buns that denote the cross and thus the triumph over death.

Jesus was known as the light of the world, so candles are strong Easter symbols.

Pretzels, a food eaten during lent and thus associated with Easter symbols, are shaped like arms folded in prayer.

Butterflies as Easter symbols remind people of every stage of Jesus’ life. (They begin as caterpillars, symbolizing Jesus’ time on Earth|As caterpillars they stand for Christ’s earthly life|They crawl around as caterpillars just as Jesus walked the Earth[/spin]. Then they enter cocoons, the tomb, and emerge as butterflies just as Jesus emerged to new life.

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