Unbiased Road Map to How To Hypnotize Someone In 5 Minutes

Would you like to discover how to hypnotize someone? Is it a bunch of horse manure? Do you believe it is completely fake? Do you think you would have to go back to school for years to hypnotize someone?

Here are some simple facts.

Hypnosis is nothing more than directly contacting the subconscious mind.

Hypnosis and trance occur everyday in our lives whether we realize it or not.

There is nothing inherently evil or bad about hypnosis. Most religions require it (think prayer).

Hypnosis is not hard, it is easy and fun to do.

Following this easy exercise you will know how to hypnotize people, and remove the mystifying shroud surrounding hypnosis. Forget what you have seen in the movies or from a stage hypnotist at the county fair, this is hypnosis at its most basic level.

First find a guinea pig and have them be comfortably seated with both feet on the ground.

Start with a three very slow deep breaths. Have them close their eyes and relax.

Reassure them that they will completely aware of everything that will happen and that they will be fully conscious through the entire exercise.

Next breathe in through the nose filling the lungs completely with air. Hold the breath for a few seconds and then slowly exhale through their mouths, relaxing their face head and neck as they exhale.

Have them take another breath just like the last one, only as they exhale have them completely relax their arms and torso, all the way down to their hips.

Have them take a final slow deep breath, in through the mouth, hold it and exhale slowly. This time have them relax their pelvis, legs and feet.

Ask your subject to put their arms straight out from their body.

Tell them on their right arm is a bag of groceries hanging. It’s not very heavy, just enough to notice the weight of the bag.

On the other arm, have them imagine a bunch of helium balloons tied to their arm.

Now paint them a vivid picture of the bag of groceries. Describe the bag to them, what kind of cans are in the bag. What size they are, what color the bag is, etc.

Now paint the picture of the balloons. How many of them are there. What color they all are. What do some of them say on them, etc.

Now go back and focus on the bag. Begin adding cans to the bag. Putting in a can of creamed corn, a jar of pickles, a bag of frozen peas, or whatever comes to mind. Use detail; tell them exactly what you are adding. Have them notice the weight of the bag getting heavier and heavier with each item you ad, getting harder to hold in place.

Now put your attention to the balloons on the left arm. Begin to add more balloons, describing them in detail. Have them notice how light their left arm has become as the balloons try to raise their arm. Tell them it is getting harder and harder to keep their arm in front of them as the balloons pull up on their arm.

Now focus on the arms. Keep going back and forth from the left getting lighter to the right getting heavier.

After a couple minutes of description, reminding them to stay relaxed, you will notice their arms beginning to move. They may move only a couple of inches to a foot.

Make your descriptions very vivid, describe everything in complete detail. Once one or both arms have moved, have your volunteer open their eyes and notice the location of their arms.

They will be amazed, and so should you, since you have just hypnotized someone.

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