What Does Our Negative Energy Do To Our Very Own Body?

I do have read an article about a woman named Jesse Neidt. The title of the article was Vail Valley Bizwatch: The Flow Of Energy. By reading the title, I became excited about reading the complete content of it.

Jesse Neidt owns The Flow Of Energy; and this article was exactly about an interview with her. Based on the information I received from that post, the group owned by Jesse Neidt provides energy consultations for everyone. From adults to children and even the entire family.

Jesse was ask, “What philosophy do you follow in dealing with your customers? What can your customers expect from you?”
She said, “I help others in finding and connecting with the answers that are already within them. I do not use smoke and mirrors or get too much into the esoteric with my work. What I offer is a very natural and authentic process by which I look at someone on a deeper, more intuitive level than what we normally use in our day-to-day lives. I share what I see with them (or their parent) and then together we connect the dots and hone in on the core issues that are creating the stuck energy. “

Upon knowing her answer, I became amazed in what she does for humanity. She offers intuitive and energy consultations to everyone. Jesse truly believes that everybody has our very own energies within us we use every day. These energies in us are blocked sometimes this is why our total health which includes our attitude, our activities and our overall health are hindered to create good output for our own life.

This is what I noticed to most of us here on the planet. You cannot really tell what is going on the back of their minds. People sometimes becomes irritable; thus they always must stay away with their loved ones and do ideas that can help them forget their problems. However, do you think to try and do crazy things would be a means to fix your problem? Are these individuals possessing a good life in what they are doing with their own lives? I really believe these persons need someone willing to talk about their problems and would help them fix it. There are energies in us that hinders our very own lives; this is exactly what Jesse Neidt is trying to tell everybody. To try out energy consultations, I guess, is the best solution for this. People need to eliminate all of the negative energies in us that hinders us to live happily and peacefully with God’s guidance.

Gladly, if you want someone to talk about your problems and would help you get rid of the bad stuff you have, there can be organizations across the world that gives intuitive counseling hotline. Why don’t you give it a try to call for the help of certified counselors rather than hiding all of your problems. Just tell them everything you want to say and this way you could take away the bad energies within you and simply let the divine consciousness flow inside you. Using their advice, prayers and messages from the Holy Spirit, God certainly will heal you.

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