What It Really Feels Like Having a Life With God?

Many people are having busy lives today. Parents nowadays are going to work to earn income for their family, children go to school to learn, and other people are merely too busy doing lot of things in their lives. Each and everyone of us has our own daily routine. Mostly, once we wake up each morning, we think of a plan on what you can do for that day. Our minds are capable of thinking about what we have to do for all of us to achieve and to complete our way of life.

Our life may become boring when we do the same routine every single day of our lives. But have you thank God for giving another day to work, to attend school and to do all of those stuffs in your life?

This really is what’s happening today. Many of us seek for God when we have problems. But when we have a lot of blessings in your life, we forgot to thank God for this.

Every day, as we start doing something, we must pray to God and thank him for another day and we must put in mind our purpose of everything that we do. I’ve read a blog post entitled “Fitting your Author Life into your Real Life” written by Arielle Ford.

Ford stated,
” …My mornings are sacred, time when I take an energizing walk and play with my cats. I also say a prayer at the start of each day that I learned in the “Course of Miracles”:

“Dear God, on this day where would you have me go? What would you have me do? What would you have me say and to whom?”

Reciting those words settles my mind and leaves me open to each day’s wonders and challenges.”

Why won’t people try what this woman is doing? Why won’t we ask God those questions each day? Why won’t we put God in the center of our lives so that He would guide us with what we are doing? Why won’t we try living a life inspired with the teachings in the course in miracle?

A life with God can be a life full of hopes and dreams. Offering God everything that we all do every single day is a wonderful beginning to live your life with Him.

All of us must live a life according to the course in miracles. With this we’ll be doing everything we need to do with God’s guidance. Let his voice be heard deep within our hearts.

We aren’t living in this earth permanently, this is why we need to be thankful that God gave us this precious gift. Each day, we need to thank God for another day.

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