You Can Win The Lottery

Most individuals would love a lotto win but to those folks there is as much chance of succeeding in the lotto as there is of marrying a notable Hollywood star – it just seems too impossible. They would love a big win and calculate the little and large changes that they would create in their lives with their new wealth. Nonetheless, they hardly ever move on their dreams. One mathematics professor from Oklahoma had big dreams but unlike most individuals he acted on it. 5 lotto wins later, and a bullet in the leg he is now willing to share his secret method with a small-scale group of individuals!

You may not yet realise that the lotto is not a game of chance. It is in reality a game based on probability.

The truth is simple , because winning at the lotto is not just about luck but is also about probabilities you can use some ingenious mathematics to increase the probability of you winning!

You may not fully know how to operate mathematical equations in order to benefit from of the above talked about truth. Still, you will not be surprised that at least one astute mathematics professor did! Believe it or not a guy did formulate a mathematical tactic for winning the lotto and has utilised it himself at least five times!

A Oklahoma Maths Professor, L. Blair, has designed a formula for beating the lotto that not only made him wealthy but also placed his life in danger . With his new algorithmic system for entering the lotto Blair kept winning small and medium sized prizes. But, he kept perfecting the method.

You should not be surprised to learn that Blair perfected his tactics and learned a way to win on the lotto multiple times. He went on to win three times in a row – a fact that happened to be luckless for Blair as kidnappers soon became interested in him!

The mobster type kidnappers were far from stupid. They did not desire cash. They did not want any of Blair’s costly clothes, jewellery or cars. All they wanted was his lotto formula!

Although Blair escape from the two assailants who wanted his system (but without giving it to them) he did take a bullet in the leg before he escaped.

Blair has won five times on the lottery which he claims is a direct result of using his mathematical lottery formula.

Many folks claim that Blair is one of the most fortunate guys alive. When you review his abduction ordeal Blair tends to concur with popular belief.

Nonetheless, when it comes to being fortunate at the lotto Blair simply says that it is funny that the more he utilizes his tactics the more fortunate he gets!

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