You May Be Making|Are You Making These Time Management Blunders?

Even though time management is a popular idea nowadays, many people still make many mistakes in this area. Often, the very things you think will help you manage your time better wind up having the opposite effect. The purpose of this article is to discuss a few of the most common time management mistakes so you can avoid making them.

Lots of people try to do way too much multitasking and this could cause more problems than it’s worth. Multitasking was heralded as a great way to improve your efficient use of time when it was first introduced several years ago. If you were able to work on several different tasks at the same time, it stood to reason that you would get more done. The problem with multitasking, however, has to do with focus – another new time management buzz word. You can’t adequately focus on one project if you have several other tasks open simultaneously. So our brains get scattered, mainly because we’re attempting to think in too many different directions and, consequently, we make some mistakes. It frequently ends up making us less efficient, as we then have to go back and correct the goof ups we made. However, you shouldn’t get the sense that you should not multitask. Multitasking works quite well as long as the quality of the work you are attempting to accomplish doesn’t suffer.

Another serious time management gaffe is to overextend yourself. This is really easy to do. We’ll commit to a few projects or tasks and then, without fail, something will go wrong and cause a delay which impacts all the projects. When somebody asks your help with something, do you frequently say yes? This is normal because sometimes we feel guilty saying no. Schedule plenty of extra time into your list of tasks so that you aren’t going to be boggled if something unforeseen arises, or there is a big change or delay in one of the projects you are working on. Any time you overbook your time, you become scattered and stressed, and it’s very hard to get anything completed in an efficient manner. It doesn’t matter what the event is – a social event, a favor for a friend, or a new project at your workplace – think it through thoroughly before you say yes. When somebody is asking for some of your time for whatever reason, you don’t need to immediately say yes or no. Over extending yourself is a time management gaffe a lot of men and women have to train themselves out of.

Whenever you are taking on a new task or assignment, do you sit down and calmly plan it out? If you don’t, this gaffe could cost you a lot of lost time in the long haul. It’s rarely a good idea to do something without an outline or plan in mind, or ideally written down. Can you envision an architect trying to build a house without lists of materials, schematics, and all the plans he needs? Or a baker trying to make a fancy wedding cake with no recipe? If you get started on projects with no clear plan, there’s a high likelihood that some detail will be omitted, or that something will have to be redone down the road. The most successful men and women in any field know the importance of using a system, and not moving forward until they know precisely what’s involved. It may seem like a total waste of time but, ultimately, you will save yourself grief and time wasted on fixing mistakes or redoing steps that had been neglected. Clear Mind.

Blunders that are made in the name of time management are extensive, and the ones we’ve outlined here are just a couple of the main ones to look out for. One interesting thing about time is that it often takes longer when you attempt to rush things, as you didn’t plan adequately. You can expect to eliminate the stressful feeling of having to hurry through your day, and will be able to focus on your work calmly, as soon as you get your time management systems set up. Improves Brain Function.

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