Underground Hypnosis:the Most Effective Mind Control Secrets

Hypnosis is actually based on sound scientific principles, and is really just another form of social engineering combined with seduction techniques. It is based on so called “neuro-linguistic programming” (NLP), an interpersonal communication model. NLP includes the way an individual thinks about things, as well as how people are persuaded. And if you know about covert hypnosis and how it works then you really can get others to do practically anything you want.

And while you can use this to exploit others, it is also useful for improving yourself. Through self hypnosis you can get yourself in the “zone”, and exceed your normal abilities. You can also use it for overcoming addictions (such as with food and smoking), as well as eliminating phobias and fears. So you can see that this can be very useful in a variety of situations.Get some more information on Underground Hypnosis – Taylor Star and also you can visit yahoo directory-hypnosis to increase your knowledge

Some people also use hypnosis to access what they believe are “repressed” memories of events which they have been shut out of the conscious memory because they are so distressing or painful. Others have used hypnosis to access memories of past lives which are otherwise hidden to the person. In neither case has it been demonstrated that such memories are even genuine, much less that hypnosis can actually provide information about them.

There are two common beliefs as to why hynosis is supposed to work: the altered state theory and the the occult reservoir theory. According to those who believe in a theory of altered states of consciousness, when a person is hypnotized, they enter some new state of consciousness. According to those who believe the “occult reservoir,” hypnosis allows people access to untapped realms of memories which they do not normally have a chance to use.

The facts of what is known about hypnosis are very different. It is a fact that there is a high correlation between being very imaginative and being easily hypnotized – while, on the other hand, those who don’t believe the efficacy of hypnotism cannot be hypnotized. Those who are hypnotized are not zombies and they do not recall new memories which had gone untapped, but they are very suggestible and readily “fill in” gaps in their memories based upon what is said to them while hypnotized. Many states do not allow the admission of testimony obtained while under hypnosis because it is so unreliable.

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