Covert Hypnosis: Things to Seek to

Covert Hypnosis, also known as Conversational Hypnosis . By the words of it, I’m sure you can guess what it all means. Have you ever experienced yourself, standing still, listening to someone talk to you in a melodious voice, and know right then and there that you’d be ready to do anything that persons tells you to do, even if it’s out of your character? Incredible isn’t it? That voice could actually take you into another world, more like being put into a hypnotic trance. In fact, covert hypnosis is somewhat similar to what is said here. Who would have thought that the words flown out of our mouth had such hidden powers?

What’s amazing about covert hypnosis is that the personbeing hypnotized has no idea that he or she is actually being hypnotized then and there. It is really hard to say if a certain person ‘is’ using this method on someone, because it is rather difficult to visualize the whole scenario.

The efficiency and effectiveness of carrying out the covert hypnosis technique depends solely on the conversing ability of the hypnotist. The best way to illustrate this would be to give an example. Just think of a person relating a wonderful story to another. This does not mean that he or she would be uttering useless words. The story in this case must invoke feelings that are parallel to what the receiver is feeling at the moment. Within a few minutes, the individual who is listening will be taken into a hypnotized trance. The individual would be so hypnotized that he or she might not even realize where they are at that moment. The key point here is that the tale should trigger the exact part of the brain of the hypnotized individual. It all depends on the words that are used and the way it is being articulated.

If you are a business owner or attached to the sales profession, covert hypnosis can be a very effective method to use when trying to securing a sale. Today, many organizations try to get their employees to practice covert hypnosisamong their employees because it can lead to an increase in sales, if practiced properly.

One of the important features used in this method is the ‘matching of words’. We are human beings, and it is basic human nature to like someone who talks and thinks like ourselves. Now wouldn’t that be the perfect opportunity to hypnotize your customer to get the deal done? If you are a sales person, then the best thing to do would be to pay more attention on the person you want to influence, especially the words and phrases he or she uses constantly. If you are able to match the words, and get through to the subconscious mindof your client, you can be sure of yourself being in the initial stage of putting your client into a hypnotic trance. Making suggestions from there on would be very easy as the subconscious mind is known to be more susceptible when in a trance.

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