Understanding More about Two Major Categories of Hypnosis Hypnotherapy

It appears that hypnosis was used since the beginning of time. Who knows, even our forefathers would have used this to cure sicknesses, to treat many psychosomatic and physical disorders, etc. Hypnosis simply stated is like a trance, where a person is not fully asleep or fully awake. It is a state in between. Hypnosis Hypnotherapy is a combination of this hypnosis and curative intervention.

To explain further, hypnosis hypnotherapy is all about guiding an individual, intentionally, into a hypnotic trance while getting the support of a therapeutic intervention. The hypnotist or the therapist will be the tutor or the guide who will lead the patient into a more relaxed state, where the unconscious mind will come into focus, heightening the person’s suggestibility.

In general, hypnosis hypnotherapy can be categorized into two main categories. One is Suggestion Hypnotherapy and the other form is Analytical Hypnotherapy, also called as Pure Hypno-analysis.

Looking at the name, you will be able to understand the meaning behind the words. Suggestion hypnotherapy is a form where suggestions are made to the patient by a trained hypnotist. This approach in hypnosis hypnotherapy is quite relaxing and is a gentle way exercised to hypnotize the patient.

If you have unhealthy habits such as nail biting, smoking, etc then your therapist would recommend you go through Suggestion hypnotherapy as this hypnosis hypnotherapy method is best suited for people who are not under much stress and who need a positive change in their lives. The sessions are somewhat quick and the hypnotist would generally use either direct or indirect suggestions when treating the patient.

Over weight people seek help from hypnosis hypnotherapy methods because it has also been renowned for that. There are many people who give it their best shot at losing weight by trying out all sorts of methods such as dieting, and exercising. But unfortunately their motivation levels start to drop at the peak, when they are about to reach their goal. This is where the use of hypnosis hypnotherapy becomes effective. In suggestion hypnotherapy, weight loss suggestions are made to the patient. This is like the little push of effort they always needed and is quite beneficial with time.

The other type of hypnosis hypnotherapy is the Pure Hypno-analysis or Analytical Hypnotherapy which is a form used to treat an underlying cause of a problem the patient has. This is particularly effective in the long run and is used for treatments on phobias, depression, anxiety, panic attacks, etc. If you experience such a situation, you will notice that the hypnotist will dig into the cause of the patients issue or the problem at hand. He will use various hypnosis techniques to get the patient to release the issues that led to the problem.

One significant advantage of this method is that after the hypnotic session, you will have an increased understanding and a better relationship with oneself Unlike the suggestion hypnotherapy method, this requires the patient to attend at least 6-8 sessions of therapy.

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