Life Coaching in Bristol, UK: A Brief FAQ

Life Coaching Bristol UK

Residents of Bristol in the UK who are contemplating some helpful and vital life style changes will likely have a number of questions concerning how it works and how it will affect you. To start you on the right track with life coaching in Bristol, below are some answers you may be looking for.

Q. Is there anything I need to do to get ready for life coaching?

A. The most pertinent thing in beginning is to encourage an honesty within yourself and be open for making a change. Bear in mind, life coaching services won’t provide you with the actual answers. Rather, it will give you the tools to discover the answers for yourself. You also need to meet in sessions of about 60 to 75 minutes at a time with your Bristol life coach. You need to choose an area also that is quiet and uninterrupted to have your sessions.

Life Coaching Bristol

What to Expect from Life Coaching Courses and Sessions

At first, you’ll get to know your coach and vice versa. This process lays the groundwork for future sessions, so it’s important not to rush through your early meetings. Once your coach has a good understanding of you and your current situation, he or she will begin to help you develop what’s called a “life plan.” The plan will contain both your goals and a realistic strategy for achieving them. As you implement your plan, your coach will function as both a guide and objective observer who helps you stay focused and on track.

Q. Is life coaching a psychotherapeutic process or a type of counselling?

Life coaching is similar to psychotherapy and counselling as far as set goals like your health and well being; but it is not as formal and clinic oriented as counsel sessions or psychotherapy. You may ask, “Isn’t my life coach actually like a counsellor?” The answer would be yes, but the formality is missing. While some kinds of therapy help us to understand the past experiences we have had, life coaching is more geared toward the present situation and the future expectations.

UK Life Coaching Bristol

Q. What is the length of the life coaching process?

A. You make that decision. Bristol life coaching services are available for as long or as short a time as you wish. To ensure better results, you probably need to give a certain amount of time (maybe 3 to 6 months) for the process to work effectively. How long it takes could also be affected by the kind of coaching you select for yourself. For instance, one may find some very useful and widely used executive life coaching classes that won’t cause much interruption in your busy day. There is accessibility to web based life coaching when that’s what is convenient to your schedule.

As you can see, the topic of UK life coaching in Bristol is valuable and multifaceted. Since most coaches offer free sample sessions, it’s best to participate in a few free sessions with a several different coaches to be sure you and your coach will be compatible.

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