10 Tips for Successful Weight Loss Hypnosis

1. Believe: for weight loss hypnosis to work, you must have faith. This implies faith not only in the process of hypnosis but also in yourself. You need to believe that hypnosis can reach your subconscious mind. You also need to believe that you are capable of changing deeply entrenched habits, attitudes and beliefs.

2. Be positive: by putting a positive spin on your weight loss efforts, you reduce the risk of sabotaging your efforts with negative self-talk. Surprisingly, the more often you repeat a positive statement the more you come to believe it.

3. Embrace change: your efforts to lose weight will only succeed if you are willing to change. Think about this. Notice any resistance to becoming a new person. Often people gain weight because they want to avoid dealing with painful issues; wish to detract attention from themselves; or feel guilty about success. If any of these obstacles threaten your success, hypnosis may be an effective way to develop a healthier mindset.

4. Change your lifestyle: despite the hype, weight loss hypnosis does not work in a vacuum. You must integrate healthy diet and exercise plans into your overall routine. And, to keep the weight off, these habits must become well-integrated habits that you engage in long after the pounds have dropped away. Ideally, you should incorporate stretching, strength training and fat-burning cardiovascular activity into your lifestyle. It is a good idea to visit a doctor first to assess your overall fitness and alert you to any potential health concerns. Set reasonable fitness goals, as well, you are more likely to stick with the program if it is fun and rewarding.

5. Come with a willing heart: in addition to wanting to change, you must possess the right attitude. It is not enough to know intellectually that these changes will be beneficial. You must be emotionally prepared as well. This may mean making some difficult decisions like going to the gym after work instead of going out for dinner with friends or giving up your favorite TV show in order to fit in a daily walk.

6. Seek help: it may be a good idea to weight loss hypnosis support from an accredited hypnotherapist; ideally, find someone who is also a medical doctor or psychologist. They will be best able to offer you a supervised holistic, scientifically based weight loss program.

7. Join the group: even in weight loss hypnosis, it can be a good idea to join a support group for people who are struggling with their weight. In addition to offering you the knowledge and resources you need to transform your eating habits, these groups provide much-needed emotional support and camaraderie. Weight loss efforts often fail because people feel isolated. Don’t let that happen to you.

8. Join the group II: likewise, it can be helpful to take fitness classes if you are new to physical exercise. Exercising with friends—new and old—turns the dreaded work out into play time. It also provides added motivation; you are less likely to skip your routine if someone is bound to notice your absence.

9. Visualize success: one of the greatest attributes of weight loss hypnosis is its ability to help us envision success. While we are in the hyper-attentive, responsive hypnotic state, our subconscious is extremely open to suggestion. It is an ideal time to imbed new images of ourselves and establish different responses to certain activities.

Hate exercise? Picture yourself climbing a mountain, running a marathon or taking an aerobics class. Now, visualize yourself enjoying this activity. Experience it as a fun, rewarding activity.

Love chocolate? Create an aversion to it. Under hypnosis, visualize a rich chocolate pudding or cake as a pile of lard or fat. Suddenly it isn’t so tempting.

10. Stick with it: No weight loss regimen offers instant results and weight loss hypnosis is no different. It takes practice, time and concerted effort. Take the time to engage in hypnosis daily. Invest in good audio CDs. Read books. Solicit the help of a hypnotherapist. The key is to be persistent…and have faith.

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