What Is The Hypnotic State?

Despite popular (and completely wrong) opinion, the hypnotic state is not a form of mind control. It is not a dangerous, trance inducing ability that will strip an individual of his or her free will and cause them to act against their moral code. If that description sounded a bit dramatic, we apologize but, the truth is, people tend to have an exaggerated view about the hypnotic mind. They believe what films and television have presented and, rather than knowing the history and science behind this method, they see it as something bordering on the supernatural. This is a mistake.

The hypnotic mental state is a scientifically proven form of consciousness. It is not a form of mind control, as so many think it. It has been around for ages, being recorded as far back as ancient Egyptian times, and has been used for every imaginable purpose. While some, of course, were failed attempts, that was less the fault of the hypnotic state and more so of the times. Today’s misconceptions are also those of the past. The idea of being mesmerized into some unholy state has plagued this science since it was used enough to become known to the public. Again, we apologize for the dramatic wording but that is the unfortunate stereotype.

In reality, reaching the hypnotic mind state can be as simple as falling asleep (the two are actually quite similar and the very origin of the name came from James Braid when he incorrectly dubbed the procedure neuro-hypnosis, and thought it to be a nervous sleep). This is a level of relaxation and awareness that allows the individual to examine themselves without dealing with distraction. Some have compared the hypnotic mental state to the practice of yoga but, again, that is not quite correct. You do not fall asleep and you do not try to push out all thoughts entirely. Instead, the hypnotic state allows for suggestions to appear.

Don’t start protesting the “mind control” issue now; this is not the same thing. By suggestion, we simply mean that you are more apt to hear suggestions and implement them. You will not change into a completely different person and you will not lose your established morality. But perhaps you could learn to give up smoking? Reaching a hypnotic state could easily help you become more aware of the dangers of smoking, without other thoughts to keep you from really hearing it.

If that sounds impossible, it isn’t. People have used this idea to help solve a wide range of issues and problems. They all say that reaching this state of mind helps them think and get past what they need. And, while some may say this is merely a form of relaxation, there is a medical precedent behind it. You can be hypnotized, if you are willing enough. You just can’t buy into the massive misconceptions that surround the idea.

This is not the occult; it is merely a way to block out everything unnecessary and think about what you need to.

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