Acts In Which A Union Can Die

Susan and Keith got married when they were in their early thirty’s. The both of them had job in which they enjoyed and were devoted to them. They had jobs where much was demanded of them and they always rose to meet those challenges. Both lived in Los Angeles. All seemed fine until a wonderful opportunity opened up for Fred one that he had always dreamed of. The problem was that it meant moving to New York. Dreadful fights broke out because of it.

A lot of people can commute and maintain a relationship, but this was not realistic for Rhonda and Fred, since they both wanted to have children. They realized that if either of them gave up the work they loved, they would feel very resentful. We see how making work first can destroy a lot of marriages. Learning how to truly give yourself over to the relationship and let your ambitions take a back seat is crucial to a marriage.

Within one year of their marriage, the wife started talking about producing a child. The husband was angry. He felt angry, trapped and betrayed by Mary’s secret hope, as well as by her dishonesty. The wife thought that by applying pressure the husband would cave in. But he stayed committed to his decision not to have any more children.

a very important thing to understand that the love quotes that are all around us are to inspire us and not to be a thing of judgment. Everybody wants a love that lasts like we read about in the love quotes. However, that type of love is one that is cultivated instead of only stumbled upon.

The next couple is so disappointing. The wife was so disappointed. The woman loved her mate but she had in her heart to have kids. The wife wanted to save the marriage but did not want to give up on kids. She got so stressed out over wanting children that her body decayed over the longing deferred and she eventually died.

It was from one husband and wife that I learned a lot. I learned that the baby issue is a deal-breaker. It is not healthy for someone who really wants a baby to give that up, and it is not healthy for someone who does not want a baby to go along with having one. This deep and basic issue needs to be dealt with head-on, early in a relationship, before people move ahead with commitment and marriage.

Dishonesty about money can also be a deal-breaker, such as finding out that your mate is earning money by selling drugs or through some other illegal operation.

Then Mandy found out that Hal had slept with another woman. He decided to tell her what he did and she could not forgive him. Mandy ended their relationship the day she discovered the affair. She told Hal that she still loved him but could not continue this way. The wife longed for the relationship to continue but her self respect would not allow her to let him get away with the continuing betrayal.

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