Awesome Life Coaching Tools For Coaches Wanting To Start Their Coaching Practice

Are you presently an undercover coach? In this article I’m gonna give you three things.

1) I’ll give you a fast test so you’ll be able to discover if you are indeed an undercover coach.

2) I am going to let you know the number one strategy for launching a coaching practice. You’ll be able to get it done in under 30 mins and it costs about $10.

3) I’ll give you life coaching tools you’ll be able to use on your very 1st coaching client.

When I began a training school that genuinely qualified coaches I found that a large number of people are undoubtedly coaching individuals and don’t actually know they are doing it. I’m referring to coaching your pals, your acquaintances, your work mates, your loved ones, it might be the guy in the line towards the coach you help move towards his desires. We’re speaking about supporting anybody get what they need in life. Life coaching, business coaching, financial coaching.

Now, the majority of us do this because we’re natural coaches, it just comes effortlessly to us, we can’t even help it, we do it out of the goodness of our heart. That has been fine until fairly recently when things began getting a bit tough with the economy. Now wouldn’t it be great to get an added income stream from something that you just like doing and you’re effortlessly doing already!

Lets take a simple test! I’m going to list 7 qualities of an undercover coach and discover how many match up with you.

1) You listen closely with compassion.

2) You help men and women re-frame their perspective, so they will see it one way, you’ll say a few words and they’ll see it another way and go, oh yea that is not too bad.

3) Folks often visit you for advice.

4) Folks confide in you. You may discover that they talk about things to you that they often wouldn’t tell someone else.

5) Folks maybe comfortable to display emotion in your presence. You might discover that more than average, people are truly comfortable to show tears and crying in your presence.

6) You maybe within a related profession already that requires some kind of teaching or passing on skills. Therapy, counselling, educating, communicating, writing, financial services, fitness instructing or any other form of healing profession.

7) I really like this one! You’ve spent at least 1 thousand dollars on your own individual development and growth and if you are just like me you’ve paid five thousand dollars, $10,000 or perhaps more than twenty thousand dollars on yourself, on your own growth.

So how many did you get from 7? If you got at least four, you’re an undercover coach. Now think about, wouldn’t it be great to take those thousands of dollars you’ve invested in yourself and transform that into an added income stream! What if you were coaching men and women to move towards their dreams, actually helping them work out what they genuinely want in their lives and help them make progress so they’ve a lot more joy in their lives. Wouldn’t it be good to be working from your own home and choosing your very own hours as you impact the world!

I say it really is reasonable if you are giving value that you receive a fair energetic exchange and I know a lot of us and I do too occasionally, resist money coming in and flowing into us. But isn’t it reasonable that if you are giving value and adding to peoples life’s that your bank account actually increases so you are able to put dinner on the kitchen table and look after your family members?

Luckily a large number of men and women like you are doing exactly that! They are fast becoming coaches and they are supporting men and women either as a full time profession or as an added income stream on top of what they are already achieving.

So now I promised you the number 1 strategy to direct you forward in your own coaching business and it takes 30 minutes or less in order to do, it costs ten dollars to do and it really is so deceptively easy and basic that many people reading this article wont do this. But if you are one of the men and women that really apply this, you are going to be amazed at what the universe begins opening up for you. So here it is, are you ready? Print a Business Card!! That is it! I’m really serious, print out a business card. It’ll cost you ten dollars, visit

What exactly do you put onto it? Put coach, you put your name, you put your phone number and you put your e-mail address and you carry it inside your back pocket. I did this and that is how I began. I just carried it about with me and carried it around and bang! I met the correct person and handed my card and I was off and running being a coach. I didn’t even know what I was doing. Print a business card I promise you, it is going to make a big difference for you. You don’t even have to give them out, basically carry them around. I genuinely hope you apply this.

I promised you a gift and this is one thing you’ll be able to use in your very 1st coaching session. You are possibly thinking, all right, I have got the person who said yes to a session, what exactly do I say? What will I do in the session? It really is extremely simple. I’m gonna present you with my 50 power questions file and it really is 50 excellent questions, just pick your favourite, ask them and you’ve done your very first session. You’ll be able to use it in your own life or your clients so just click the hyperlink to get access to your life coaching tools.


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