Dating Tips For Men – And It’s Not What You Think

I’ve heard from a lot of men that being a nice guy doesn’t really work on most women. An air of mystery seems to titillate more women – when they think there are more interesting things to learn about you, they are more intrigued.

No, women do not like insensitivity at all. They never want a guy to mistreat them. Confident men possess a reliable backbone, that’s why a lot of women are attracted to them. This is the kind of guy who hangs tight to his principles and beliefs, without being disparaging. They seem to have a mind of their own and won’t normally succumb to a woman’s whinings and begging. A ‘nice guy’ on the opposite, will normally bend with the pressure and yield to anything his woman begs of him. While women enjoy this as they continue to win on pretty much every challenge, they will feel they have prevailed over a guy and lose a bit of respect for him.

What does this mean for men? Simply that you just have to be a little more confident about yourself and not be a real jerk. Have the ‘hey, I like you, but I got along fine before you came along and I’ll be fine if you break up with me’ attitude. Don’t be too knight-like – women like the challenge as well as the attention.

Also be confident, even if you are anxious. Probably the most confident individuals I know also happen to be fantastic lovers – and this is no coincidence. My old flame applied Instant Performer to make sure he was on top form, which he discovered about after looking at a Instant Performer review in the magazines.

Don’t fold up to a woman’s every desire. She may begin to ignore your value as a person or she may expect to get her way all the time. Let her complain or whine when she can’t have her way and be ready to hear her out. It doesn’t also mean you have to be hard on her and never ever give in. Definitely not! Be considerate when there’s reason to, but not at every pleading. When a woman understands you’re simply sensible rather than too hard on her, she will be more pleased. Never give in just because you’re not in the mood to argue. Compromise, on the other hand, is the better option.

You may believe that by not giving in to her, she will think that you don’t like her. That’s a fallacy, there are different ways to show your love. A good way to show a woman you love her is by doing things she doesn’t ask for. Cook a meal for her or praise her out of the blue instead of when it is being solicited. By doing the unexpected, you have shown love without being a lap dog. You are being true to yourself and to the other person instead of being predictable. Just be yourself, and be confident about it. Women will like an honest guy over someone who’s trying to be something you’re not.

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