How A Woman In The Group Can Play To Your Advantage With Shyness

Have you found yourself in situations like these? You’re with a group of people and when they talk over you, you quiet down because of shyness?

Or you’re with the group and the guys happen to not like you and ignore you?

There are ways, social techniques that can make you come out on top in these situations. When you can learn to not only avoid these instances and even prevent them ahead of time it gets much easier to overcome shyness.

Situations like these happen quite often. Usually what we do is try to get approval from them to get on their good side. That’s a reasonable plan isn’t it?

NO WAY MAN! What are you thinking??? Alright I know it’s not your fault.

“To fit in shy guys tend to try the same thing over and over again and it usually never works.” You’ll hear me say this a lot.

The reason is this, the obvious answers we come up with for social dynamics generally aren’t the right answer.

If the answers were that obvious wouldn’t overcoming shyness be self-explanatory?

The good thing is even guys who are jerks to you, and also even very social guys use obvious answers. This is your opportunity to play it to your advantage.

In the presence of women guys will put her on a pedestal, kiss her ass, act awkward to get her attention and at the end of the day try to get in her pants.

They hand over power to her without giving it a second thought. To get her to like him EVERY guy in the group is going to try giving it a shot.

If you learn to not hit on her and drool over her and just talk to her like a regular person. If she becomes cool with you other guys won’t risk losing her approval by picking on you.

Men will want the women’s approval in the group. And if you already have hers then you automatically get everyone else’s respect. It’s a short-cut.

You’re instantly “IN” when you’re on the good side of one or two key people.

Your friend,

Chris C.

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