Learning The Art Of Setting And Achieving Goals In Life

Society has long known that setting and achieving goals is key to success in life. A haphazard approach to anything relies on chance, but a structured plan guides effort and keeps progress on target. Working toward an objective is easier when care is taken to evaluate what is working, is wasted, or is detrimental to the program.

Selecting objectives for life achievements is much more than seeing wishes come true. Wishes may be vague things, they usually change as time goes by, and part of the fun is being able to hanker after things that are totally unrealistic. A wish might be to win the lottery – at odds of millions to one. A goal would be to retire with enough money to live comfortably through old age. This is perfectly feasible with hard work, wise investments, and thrifty ways.

There are all sorts of goals that help people structure their lives. You may want to get down to your ideal weight and stay there. You not only need to reduce in the immediate future, but you must develop healthy eating habits for the rest of your life.

Alcoholics who truly desire a lifetime of sobriety will change their ways: stop going to bars, quit hanging out with friends who don’t support their choice, learn to face reality without the numbing effect of alcohol. Those who want to live debt-free will make a budget, learn to stick to it, cut up their credit cards, and live within their income once all debt is paid.

The major changes in lifestyle that goal-setting requires take self-discipline, perseverance, and a willingness to do what it takes. The very fact of having an objective in addition to a motivational coach, helps keep you on the path that leads to success. If there is no point of reference on the horizon, it is easy to stray off the straightest, shortest line.

It is best to set one objective at a time, since focus is essential. This is why a life coach or debt counselors recommend paying off one small debt, then another, then another, until all loans are repaid. The experts say this is far better than paying a small amount over the minimum on all your bills. When you pay off the first small bill, you will feel a sense of satisfaction which will help you enjoy tackling the next account.

Notice that, in this example, each paid account is a real achievement which should be celebrated. It is important to reward yourself for each rung on the ladder to the objective. This does not require money, if the ladder is a financial one, or a high-calorie treat for a dieter. Maybe all you need is a big red sign with lots of exclamation points that you see every time you look in the mirror.

It is just as important to acknowledge the reaching of an objective as it is to have that objective to work toward. It is a good idea to understand the principles involved in setting and achieving goals.

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