The Value Of Communication In Life

“All happy families resemble one another, but each unhappy family is unhappy in its own way” Leo Tolstoy: Anna Karenina
I just want to share this quote from a page written by Terri Hardwick. When I first read that line, it truly struck me since this quote is indeed true. I’m wondering, “How about my own family? Are we all happy together?” A happy family is that family members always find time with one another, love each other, laugh together, understands each other and share all of the other good thoughts in everyday life.

When I was very young, I could say that our family is not that close to each other. Maybe because my parents are working; they go home late at night and immediately fall to bed; while you cannot also have a time talking to them since you are scared to wake them up understanding that they are both tired from work. I’m still young that’s why I do not really know very well what is going on in our family. Still I feel sad about this. Some point in my childhood life when I became jealous with my friend’s family simply because they always go out together. I have some disturbances in life until I reached college. I tried drinking liquors because In my opinion it’ll solve my problems in life. I party all night long and go back home early in the morning. I simply feel comfy while I am with my friends compared when I am at home; I just don’t feel good at home.

I wondered what is happening with my life and with my relationship to my family. I search for answers for all my questions and I guess I already knew what is wrong. We all know that the root of everything is love. I won’t exist in the world if I do not have parents. Then it got into my mind that my parents relationship with one another is the root of all of these problems I have. They lack the essential thing a relationship should have, and that’s COMMUNICATION.

Hardwick mentioned, “The number one characteristic of a happy family is a loving relationship between parents. It is consistently proven through research that parental conflict and hostility causes children to experience distress and disturbance. Yet today, when our busy lives often leave us stressed and exhausted, parental relationships are usually the first to suffer.”

I really believe I won’t experience all of these if we only communicate with each other.

I understand there are actually people who are experiencing the same problems as mine, that’s why I wish to share you my own story in life. But, in every problem there’d definitely be a solution.

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